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Tomato Picking Experience(Suruage Farm)

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Tomato Picking Experience(Suruage Farm)

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They are growing Italian tomatoes.

Please try our seasonal tomatoes All of the tomatoes flavor comes out through cooking with heat.

Picking colorful tomatoes

I don't believe you can experience this anywhere else, please come and visit

(photo by : http://suru-age.com/step.html)

  • 〒Nishiushibashi-40-60 Yamadera, Yamamoto-chō, Watari-gun, Miyagi-ken 989-2201

  • 15 minutes walk from the Jōban Line's Hamayoshida Station

  • Only on saturdays until July~August, Accepting registrations from 9:00~14:00

  • Take-away is 800 yen for 1 bag