Bike around Southern Miyagi

Model course for cycling touring

【Shiroishi City】 Enjoy the historical scenery around Shiroishi Castle

JR Shiroishi Sta./Shiroishi-Zao Sta./Shiroishi History Museum
*Bicycles can be returned at any 3 three spots
Rental time
300yen (Diposit:500yen)
Shiroishi Tourism Office

Shiroishi Station or Shiroishi-Zao Station

Bicycle rental is available at JR Shiroishi Station (JR Tohoku Line) and Shiroishi-Zao Station (Tohoku Shinkansen Line).

"Hekisuien" Japanese Traditional Performing Art Studio

This place is the only one performing stage in Tohoku for "Noh" , a traditional Japanese theater,Hekisuien.

Shiroishi Castle

Located in the center of the city, Shiroishi Castle is popular as a symbol of Shiroishi city.
There are also attractive experiences of trial fittings of Japanese armor and princess costumes.

Takeya-Yashiki Warehouse (Pre-Kosekiya)

This place was the house of the Koseki family, which was a retainer of Katakura family, which was the owner of Shiroishi Castle. This building's origin dates more than 200 years ago.

Shiroishi Umen Yamabukitei

Umen is a healthly non-oil noodle originated 400 years ago. In Shiroishi city, you can spot a large amount of Umen restaurants. Yamabukitei was reformed from a merchant's house to a fancy restaurant. Here, you can enjoy their traditional food in a spacious relaxing space.

Sumaru-Yashiki Warehouse

You can visit the merchats mansion, which has been preseved around 100 years ago until today.

Use Taxi or Rent a car

Zao Fox Village

Many people from and outside of Japan visit this place to sight one of the most adorable creatures in the world. Fox village accommodates more than 100 foxes in their extentious playground and visitors can also try feeding and cuddling the foxes. Visit this place and get a nice picture with them!
Access: 20 min. by car / taxi from Shiroishi Sta. or Shiroishi-Zao Sta.

【Marumori Town】Marumori has the Sairi yashiki, and it is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and river.

Abukuma Express Marumori Station
Rental time
Weekdays 10:00~19:00
Weekends/Holidays 10:00~17:00
Marumori Immigration Support Center

Marumori Station

Marumori Immigration Support Center is located next to Marumori Station. Rental bicycles are available for everyone.


Since its establishment in 1804, Sairiyashiki was used by merchants to sell clothes and its matierials to locals. Today, old clothes, arts, and antiques are exhibited inside the buildings. Visit the café which was renovated from an old storehouse, and feel like you traveled back in time to the old days.

Gelateria La Festa

Gelateria La Festa is a gelato shop located next to Sairiyashiki. They only use selected ingredients from local areas such as fresh milk and seasonal fruits. We highly recommend their "Honey-nuts" flavor, which contains high-quality honey from Marumori.

Saienji Temple

This temple is located near Sairiyashiki. At the entrance, you can see 8 statues of cats which are called as "The Cat Gods" in this area. The Japanese garden inside has a beautiful red bridge and you can enjoy this place all season.


"Cawacaffe"is a trendy café which is located next to Abukuma River. Their uniqe pizza called "Marumorita" is one of their popular menus and contains healthy ingredients from Marumori.

【Kakuda City】Feel the richness of nature and explore space.

Abukuma Express Kakuda Station
Rental time
8:00~18:00(During March to October)
8:00~17:00(During September to Feburary)
100 yen till 5 hours, 100yen / hr after 5hr
Kakuda Tourism Association

Kakuda Station

Rental Bicycles are availabe at Kakuda Station.

Chosenji Temple

This temple was established around 400 years ago, and you can see the crane opening its marvellous wings at the main temple.

Space tower / Cosmo House

Kakuda City has one of the research facilities belonging to JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). From the 44.9 m lifted space tower, you can see Mt.Zao looming among the extentious landscape.


Traditional Japanese meals with season-fresh ingredients are provided in reasonable prices. The dishes with different selected ingredients in different seasons are popular, and visitors are so in love with them.

【Natori City】 Taste the fresh Seafood and delicious gelato

JR Natori Staion, West exit
Rental time
Weekdays 7:30~20:00
Weekends / Holidays 9:00~20:00
(〜4hours):200yen / (〜8hours):300yen / (〜12hours):500yen + one night 500yen
Natori Station Community Plaza

JR Natori Station, West exit

Rental bicycles are available at Natori Station Community plaza, next to Natori Station.

Yuriage Saikai Market

Yuriage area in Natori city was one of the places which was affected by the Tsunami in 2011. Yuriage market soon resumed their shops after the big disaster. "Saikai" was named after the locals hope and wishes for recovery and means "restart(再開)" and "meet again(再会)" in Japanese. Try their fresh seafoods and sake from local areas!


Naturino is a gelato shop, and is famous for its rich milky taste and their various flavors such as strawberries, kiwi, pumpkin and so on!

Try sports bike?

In Natori City you can spot lots of Sports Cyclist roaming in the city.
At the coastal area, where Sendai Airport is also located, there is a market which is popular amongst many cyclist.
Also in Iwanuma City, they have a cafe where you can enjoy parfait full of seasonal fruits and a shrine where a "snake" is worshipped which will bring you good fortune for money.

Yuriage Market

Yuriage Market is open every Sunday ever since it was started 30 years ago. This place was once affected by the great tsunami in 2011, but soon resumed their business. Today more than 50 shops and restaurants greet their visitors with richness of gifts from the sea. You can try barbequeing and also participate in the auction at the market.


Natori, Yuriage area was greatly affected by the tsunami in 2011. Many people visit this mountain to see the scares after the disaster from the top and pray for peace for your lost ones.


This fancy café was reformed from a storage room. Here they offer parfait decorated with seasonal fruits. Variation differs from season to season, and many people especially young women visit this place to try their sweets. Not only parfait is tasty, but their homemade pizza is also recommended!

Kanahebisui Shrine

Its history starts from more than a thousand years ago. This shrine has a beautiful stream and people believe in the God of Water. A snake is worshipped at this shrine and it is said to bring good fortune for money and business. The "Snake Rocks" will also bring you good luck for money. Try their Omikuji, which are shaped in the form of a cute snake!

Sports Cycling

Cycle Festa Marumori

Marumori has the best place for cycling. The beautiful green and the gentle slopes are popular among cyclists. Every October, Marumori holds a big festival for sports cycling which accommodates more than 500 cycling fans.

One of the big traits of the courses in Marumori is the gentle up-and-downs on the roads and the splendid scenery of the nature. It feels really good to ride through the fresh air, especially when you go down the slops.

At Cycle Festa Marumori, you can also enjoy conversating with other cyclist and the locals. At resting areas, homemade dishes are provided using local ingredients.

For more details about Cycle Festa

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Nihon-no-Zao Hill-climb-eco

This race is held on every May. At this race, you will climb up a 1334m high mountain, and the course is 18.7km long.

The race starts at the bottom of the mountain where you are surrounded by the greens and ends at a place where everything is covered by snow. One of the best part of the race is to see the magnificent view of "Okama", the emerald pond, after the long climbing.

For more details about Nihon-no-Zao Hill-climb-eco

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【Kawasaki town】The best Lake-side cycling course in Miyagi

At Kawasaki town, you can cycle around the beautiful lake, Kamafusa Lake, "Michinokumorino Lake Park", which is part of the course, is one of the largest park in Tohoku. Here you can see thousands of flower blooming every season. The flowers cover all areas of the park with their pigmented colors.

The road around the lake is well-paved and it is always clear from traffics so here is the perfect place to freely ride anywhere with your bicycle.
In spring, the cherry blossoms bloom around the lake and creates an amazing scenery.