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Engawa Chaya Yamahigo

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Engawa Chaya Yamahigo

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Lots of home made tea.

Pretty much the entire menu is home made things, includes egg menus, yomugi mochi, lots of tea sets (Salads that use the vegetables and homemade ume sweets) They place the Yomogi into the freezer after collecting it in the spring, then they use that to amke yomugi mochi every single day, there is always a hand-crafted garden around the institution.

  • 〒989-0916Nishishudan-2 Togattaonsen, Zao, Katta District, Miyagi Prefecture 989-0916

  • 30 minutes from Shiroishi interchange.

  • 【Full Working Hours】10:00~16:30

  • About 1000 yen

  • Wednesday,Thursday / Obon,on GW it is open on both Wednesday and Thursday. Furthermore,December ~half way through april is only open on weekends.

  • 有り

  • Cash

  • 022-434-2220

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