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Bannari Star ★Oogawara☆(Station illuminations)

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Bannari Star ★Oogawara☆(Station illuminations)

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Station illuminations

A winter evening in front of Ogawara station. The sakura has bloomed!There are illuminations placed on the chestnut trees and maple trees which sit in front of the station. Furthermore, Ogawara's PR character sakurakki has his own styled lights, as well as huge sakura petals and new years message lights, they imagine the "senbonzakura" and use over 20,000 lights to recreate the feeling, they welcome both people going to work and school, and of course sightseers, please come and visit!

  • 〒In front of JR Ogawara station, Oogawara, Shibata, Miyagi Prefecture

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