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Miyagizao Country Club

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Miyagizao Country Club

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Lots of views surrounding Mount Zao.
With an elevation of 400 meters, summer is quite cool.

  • 〒989-0921Dobuyama-2-132 Enda, Zaō-machi, Katta-gun, Miyagi-ken 989-0821

  • 15 minutes from Kawasaki Miyagi interchange ,50 minutes from Sendai airport.

  • 【Full Working Hours】7:30~10:30 / More times than not, everything finishes at 5pm.

  • Weekends are 7000 yen, Friday is 13,000 yen (Both are self service and come with food and a caddy for 2700 yen) NOTE: next years prices are not set, this is just an estimate.

  • 0501~1031

  • Other / If snow has fallen, the institution will close.

  • 有り

  • Cash,Card

  • 022-434-3700

  • 022-434-3090

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