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Four seasons lodge Michikunokuan

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Four seasons lodge Michikunokuan

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Lots of scenery can be seen from the viewing point.

There are 10 rare bungalow style lodges at the top, furthermore, it is said that there are many female guests as the institution is barrier free and easy to work with.

Can see different sights every season, also has a monthly menu change.

Spring has sakura, wild flowers and grass, new green leaves etc. Summer has flowers. Autumn has the beautiful colors and winter has the snow-covered land. There is also an 8km road nearby that is said to be covered in ajisa flowers, there is also a food menu that changes every month, you can eat in a relaxed environment.

  • 〒989-02314-5 Kitsuneminesanban Fukuokakuramoto, Shiroishi-shi, Miyagi-ken

  • 10 minutes from Shiroishi interchange. 15 minutes by car from both Shiroishi and Zao station both with public transport available.

  • Check-in 15:00,Check-out 11:00

  • 18900~40000 Yen