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Abukuma Line Funakudari (Going downstream in a boat)

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Abukuma Line Funakudari (Going downstream in a boat)

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Funakudari will teach you about the history of transportation via water

Touhoku's second largest river, The Abukuma river, has been used for a long period of time to transport goods In the olden days, starting with transporting the annual rice tax, once Japan entered the Meiji era, it started transporting wooden and stone materials such as firewood, this continued until the Shouwa era The ones who are keeping the story of this alive are Abukuma Line Funakudari

  • 〒981-217112 Shimotaki, Marumori-machi, Igu-gun , Miyagi-ken 981-2171

  • 8:30~17:00

  • ■Usage fee  Adult 1,600 Yen  Child 800 Yen  ※1 Child goes free with 1 adult After that a fee will occur ※Infants Free■Special Discount Group Price (More than 15 people,Adult 1,400 Yen,Child700 Yen➡ around 2,000~2,500 Yen