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Sasadani yumoto Ichinoyu

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Sasadani yumoto Ichinoyu

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3 different hot spring waters mixed together to form a miracle hot spring

I very rare hot spring that has 3 different types of water going through, one of the only ones in the country said to be a miracle spring, you can also drink it and it is said to have healing and improving benefits.

  • 〒989-1502Sudo-15-3 Imashuku, Kawasaki-machi, Shibata-gun, Miyagi-ken 989-1502

  • "【For people going by car 】○From sendai •Tōhoku Expressway From Murata Junction head onto Yamagata Road and towards sasadani interchange exit which is about 1km (Through sendai) -Sendai station Shiroishi Zao Station (Shinkansen) - Ogawara station by car is around 45 minutes From Yamagata - Yamagata station by taxi is around 20 minutes. If you go through sasadani tunnel then its around 1,500m Yamagata Road sasadani interchange is around 1km. If you are using the national expressway, then from sendai (example) use a taxi which is 40 minutes from sendai station, head into national highway 286 sasadani tunnel, and then its 150m from saint mary ski resort.


  • 【Full Working Hours】9:00~21:00 / Check-in 15:00~18:00 check-out 10:00

  • Day trip admission 1000 Yen~(Child 500 Yen), Overnight Stay 8000 Yen~

  • No Fixed Holidays

  • 有り

  • Cash,Card / You can only pay with cash for a day trip, but with card if staying overnight.

  • 0224-84-5626

  • 0224-84-4533

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