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Abukuma Riverside Marathon Event

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Abukuma Riverside Marathon Event

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The 30th anniversary has a Lot of effort being put into it

This year's Abukuma Riverside Marathon is the 30th anniversary Thanks to this, this year's MC (Master of Ceremonies) will be Aasahiko Honma, the event will be calling Jamaica's singer John Lucas to help make the event more exciting Furthermore, there will be other various events as well as costumed runners, and is fully loaded with things to see.

(photo by : https://abukuma-m.com/guide/)

  • 〒Aoki-155-31 Edano, Kakuda, Miyagi Prefecture 981-1504

  • For people who are coming by train, please use the Abukuma express line, this should cost 600 yen with the correct ticket that allows you to use any station freely

  • 2017 Admission Fee 【Half Marathon】 2,500 Yen  ・Men under 29(High school Student Above)  ・Men under 49  ・Men over 50  ・High school Student and above Girls   【10km】 2,000 Yen  ・ Men under 29 (High school Student and above) ・29 years and below women(High school Student and above) ・ Men under 49 years of age ・ Women under 49 years of age ・Men over 50 years old ・ Women 50 and above 【5km】 2,000 Yen  ・Men 29 and below(High school Student and above) ・ Women 29 and below(High school Student and above) ・ men 49 and below ・Women 49 and below ・Men 50 and above ・Women 50 and above【3km】 1,000 Yen  ・Middle School Student Male ・ Middle School Student Male(Team battle) ・ Middle School Student Girl   ・Middle School Student(Team)【2km】 1,000 Yen  ・ Elementary School student Male (More than 4) ・Elementary School Student Male(4th year and above/Team Match) ・ Elementary School Student (4th year and above) ・Elementary School Student (4th year and above/team match)【1 5km】 2,500 Yen  ・Together with dad(Child is elementary 3rd year and below)  ・Together with mom(Child is Elementary 3rd year and below)【2 2km】  ・ Getting healthy(Ele/Mid school students) 1,000 Yen   ・ Getting healthy(High school Student and above) 1,500 Yen