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"Hina Doll" Exhibition

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"Hina Doll" Exhibition

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Famous for the Datemasamune Family Yukari's Hina dolls as well as the luxurious Hina decorations.

(photo by : http://www.city.kakuda.lg.jp/syogai/page00001.shtml)

  • 〒Machi-17 Kakuda, Miyagi Prefecture 981-1505

  • Around 5 minutes by car from Kakuda station, 20 minutes walking

  • 【Full Working Hours】9:00~16:30

  • General300 Yen,Group(For more than 20 people)250 Yen,Highschool Student 250 Yen,Middle school student and under Free

  • 0201~0331

  • Monday ,Public Holidays ,New Years Period If Monday is a public holiday then the following day is a holiday also

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  • 022-462-2527

  • 022-462-2527

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