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Shibata Sakura Marathon

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Shibata Sakura Marathon

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A marathon inside of a lot of blooming Sakura which the entire country boasts about
Shibata's Sakura is "Selected as the most out of 100 locations", And this is not only being held when the sakura is in season, but you can enjoy a calm and peaceful atmosphere is you make reservations, however, it costs money, it happens on Saturday.

  • 〒989-1621Miyagi Prefecture Shibata-gun, Shibata-shi, Shiroishi left river bank 

  • Funuoka station to meeting place walking distance 20minutes  Tsukinoki Station(West Exit)there is a shuttle bus

  • 【Full Working Hours】7:00~

  • ◎Half 3,500 Yen◎5km2,500 Yen◎3km middle school student:1,000 Yen ◎Versus:1チーム4名,10,000 Yen◎2km elementary school students:1,000 Yen ◎Parent and child pair:3,500 Yen/ per group