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Kurano Kyoudokan Sairi Yashiki(Marumori)

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Kurano Kyoudokan Sairi Yashiki(Marumori)

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The Historic "Kurano Kyoudokan"

7 warehouses with exhibitions of clothes and works of art from just after the edo period of Japan (1 is not open to the public) as well as 2 residences

The origin of Sairiyashiki

With the end of the Edo Period and the start of the Shouwa Period, with cloth and drapery as the beginning, businesses for miso, soy sauce, brewing and sewing was started among many others by the 7th of his family, wealthy merchant Saito Risuke The place that collected all of this and put it onto display as a museum is "Sairiyashiki"

  • 〒25 Machinishi, Marumori-machi, Igu-gun , Miyagi-ken 981-2165

  • 9:30~17:00(March~May)9:30~17:30(June-August)9:30~17:00(September~November)9:30~16:30(December ~February)

  • Adult 610 Yen ( Tax Included ) Child 300 Yen( Tax Included )  Group Fee  ※Over 20 people Adult 510 Yen( Tax Included )  Child 300 Yen( Tax Included ) → The gifts such as stuffed toys etc are all handmade using local products and are quite popular

  • Monday  ※If Monday is a public holiday, then the next day will also be a holiday

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