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Kakuda Homeland History Museum

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Kakuda Homeland History Museum

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Kakuda Homeland History Museum

History and Folklore, antique exhibitions, special events and exhibitions based on the season

Kakuda Cultural Property

From the first year of the Meiji era throughout the new years period, the former large land founder and Ujiie Jyokichi inherited the building in the 60th year of the Showa era in June, and established it as a museum. The late Uji Jyotei was recognized as a contributor to Kakuda's cultural properties, and to this day you are able to experience both his lifestyle and architectural style.

  • 〒981-1505Miyagi Prefecture Kakuda Kakuda Machi-17 

  • 9:00~16:30

  • Free ※However during exhibitions, it has a cost of the following General 300 Yen Group 250 Yen(Over 20 adults) High school Student 250 Yen Middle school student and under Free  → Only for the Hina Matsuri in February and March (No English Explanation) - There are explanations in the main doll section, however not in English

  • Monday National Holiday (If Monday is a national holiday, then the folLast Order wing day will also be a holiday ) New Years (December 26th until January 4th)

  • 有り

  • Cash Only

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