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JAXA Kakuda Space Center

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JAXA Kakuda Space Center

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At the space-development exhibition room, you are able to see real things that the Kakuda Space Center has developed and researched such as rocket engines and complex cycle engines among other things, as well as learn about the research the institution is performing on the panels scattered about Furthermore, with the theme of "learn from your mistakes", they are displaying the H-II Rocket's LE-7 Engine which failed in 1999 and was recovered from the shore

  • 〒Koganesawa-1 Kimigaya, Kakuda-shi, Miyagi-ken 981-1525

  • Around 20 minutes from Kakuda Station by car, 10 minutes from Funaoka station by car

  • 【Full Working Hours】10:00~17:00

  • Free