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Yunohara Nousan

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Yunohara Nousan

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Shichikashuku's soba highway

The shinsoba Festival takes place every year on the 11th and 12th of November.

They are making soba themselves.

They are doing not only the cultivation but the processing as well, everything they make is completely homemade and self-managed. They store their self-made soba at yukimuro which increases the sugar content. They are also using Hokkaido Kitawase in their Soba noodles.

(photo by : http://yunohara-nousan.co.jp/)

  • 〒989-06585-1 Minamiurahata, Shichikashuku, Katta District, Miyagi Prefecture 989-0658

  • 50 minutes by car from Shiroishi station

  • 11:00~15:00

  • 1000 Yen

  • 1001~1130

  • April~November doesn't have any olidays,December~March is Friday.

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  • 022-437-3223

  • 022-437-3223

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