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Aizome Garan (Temple)

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Aizome Garan (Temple)

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Aizome Garan (Temple)

Aizome studio, a place where you can experience tie-dying with Japan's traditional "Natural Lye Fermentation Dye"

Experience Tie-dying

Pick from a handkerchief, bandana, or a hand towel, and experience tie-dying Let's create something that's one of a kind that you can love Within this relaxed environment, at your own pace, encounter and experience various dyes, it's a new level of relaxation We are waiting for your participation with warm hearts

  • 〒26-1 Kamidakihigashi, Marumori-machi, Igu-gun , Miyagi-ken 981-2116

  • It happens if there are reservations. Takes place within the bounds of common sense (time)

  • For beginners「Basic course」 Hankerchief 2500 Yen Bandana 3500 Yen Hand towel 4500 Yen Intermediate Course T-Shirt 5,000 Yen