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café & sweets natural

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café & sweets natural

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They use a lot of vegetables, lots of single plate lunches that are high in volume and healthy.
They are a sister store to rokuchoumen plantation and sell a lot of things from their popular menu.

  • 〒989-243345, 1 Chome-6 Sakura, Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture 989-2433

  • 15 minutes walk from Iwanuma station.

  • 【Full Working Hours】10:00~18:00 【Lunch Hours】11:00~14:30 / [Café time] 14:30~18:00※New shops are only open until 17:00 [Only for take-out sweets] 10:00~11:00,17:00~18:00

  • 1000 Yen~1500 Yen