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Shiroishi Zao Plateu Marathon

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Shiroishi Zao Plateu Marathon

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Be careful of steep slopes.

It's a plateau so there are very steep incline and declines. You especially need to be careful of the final 5 kilometers.
It usually takes place on Sunday in the middle of September.(Planned for September 16th in 2018)

  • 〒989-020625-6 Terayashikimae Shiroishi, Miyagi

  • Shiroishi station direct bus time is 40 minutes , by car is around 30minutes. (If you go by car the location you stop at is a little distanced)

  • 【Full Working Hours】10:00~12:30 12:30minutes is the planned start time.

  • General3500 Yen, Child and parent 4000 Yen,Elementary student 1000 Yen,Highschool Student 1500 Yen