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Tokuhon Temple

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Tokuhon Temple

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The 11st live buddhist sermon guide

Tokuhon temples 30th live sermon anniversary
『Tsukiwonagasazu』―A story by the high priest―anniversary release
Holding live sermons over the phone for 30 years
It is thanks to everyone that has listened over the years
Whilst drinking tea at the main temple from time to time, wont you listen to our sermons over the phone?
Stories that you cant get enough of after even 3 hours Live, real talk
With piano performances from the showa to heisei era.
「カンボジアのChild に鉛筆を」「行脚」「一心地蔵」
★Special Guest:Yoshio Takahashi(Singer Songwriter)
Enjoy his amazing songs and peaceful talks
◆October 29th(Sun)2:00pm
◆Tokuhon Temple Main Hall
◆Entrance Free

(photo by : http://www.tokuhonji.jp/)

  • 〒989-2111Teramae-13 Sakamoto, Yamamoto-chō, Watari-gun, Miyagi-ken 989-2111

  • "Train:JR Main Line  Sendai Station→Sakamoto Station(45minutes ),15 minutes walk from Sakamoto station
    Car:National highway 6 70 minutes from Sendai station
    Interchange:South Yamamoto Smart Interchange(Expressway)5minutes "

  • 【Full Working Hours】9:00~17:00

  • 1000 Yen