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From the 5th floor you are able to see all of Watari in a 360 degree angle

The buildings are in shapes of castles

  • 〒989-2351Miyagi Prefecture Watari-gun, Watari-machi, 140 Nishigō

  • 1 minute walk from Watari Station

  • Museum 9:00~16:30,Library 10:00~19:00

  • Museum Admission Fee :General(200 Yen),GeneralGroup(150 Yen,over 20 people),Highschool Student (100 Yen),Highschool Student Group(70 Yen,over 20 people),Elementary school students(50 Yen),Elementary Group(30 Yen,over 20 people),There are times where fees change based on special exhibitions