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Tamanoki Haramizubasyo Gunseichi

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Tamanoki Haramizubasyo Gunseichi

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A flower bed that visits shichikashuku during the spring! Won't you take a walk here?
Tamanoki Haramizubasyo Gunseichi, which sits in the Yamagata prefecture's border, is alongside the national highway 113, and is 35 hectares of land with over 100,000 Asian skunk cabbage plants to be seen. Along the mountainside, during spring, there are 20~30cm tall white flowers that grow, if you visit in the middle of may towards the start of April, you can see some beautiful budding flowers.

  • 〒Miyagi Prefecture Katta-gun Shichikashuku / Kanigawa Tamanoki Haramizubasyo Gunseichi

  • 50 minutes by car from Shiroishi station

  • No Hours

  • Free