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Shibata Satoyama Hiking Course

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Shibata Satoyama Hiking Course

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Based on the season and course, you can see various different sights.
At the Fukuyama course, there are fresh green leaves and fireflies, mushrooms and much more based on the season, which also has events, there are various restaurants on your path. Furthermore, the Tateyama course has the Funaokajoshi Park where u can ride and train around the station. Not just this, but the Tateyama course if you in spring, allows you to see the senbonzakura, and it's not that difficult so is supposedly aimed towards beginners. The other two courses Atagoyama and Abuzuri course are popular in autumn.

  • 〒Miyagi Prefecture Shibata  as of 2017, there are 6 courses.

  • Based on what course you choose.

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