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Abukuma Agricultural School(3 days)

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Abukuma Agricultural School(3 days)

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Abukuma Agricultural School(3 days)

This is a group within Kakuda that are supporting agriculture Whilst studying yourself, it is a place where you can further understand both the "food" and "farm" aspect of agriculture Furthermore, they are helping support the younger generation to try and raise more people that want to go into the field of agriculture After introducing the place where you will be staying, you will then undergo an agricultural experience

Agricultural Learning for the development of rural communities

●Offering a program that helps people learn about both the "food" and "farm" aspects of agriculture for use in lifestyle outside of the Local prefecture
●Attempt to both strengthen symbiosis between Asia and other international countries

Study at our independent Agricultural Cramming School

●People who experience this in Kakuda will be able to then go back to their own land and start nurturing it
●「Kazenojuku」Is here to help raise the successors to the Agricultural industry and make connections
●「Donojuku」Is here to help raise new people who have an interest in agriculture Is it an opportunity for people to feel Kakuda's natural features with their own skin This is an experience we are offering for people who are serious and have a passion for learning about agriculture
●「agricultural Management Practice School」is something we are offering to try and help you to create an Agricultural business model, and is a hands-on course that will help you find niches as well as teach you how to use resources

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