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Watanabe Farm

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Watanabe Farm

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Watanabe Farm

Experience hands-on learning as a livestock raiser within this institution that is being managed by Kakuda Tend to hundreds of different animals every morning, and make some delicious milk Help out with making new products through using this milk, and start challenging something you never have before

Always a new challenge

The current farmer of the family who has been producing Kakuda and Marumori's milk for generations, Hiroshi Watanabe's Pastor spans across the southern section of Abukuma Hiroshi is currently the 17th in his family line and is currently managing the farm with his wife Kyoko They are constantly challenging new things and are always aiming to create a new a brighter future for Kakuda and Marumori's milk industry

  • 〒Nakajimakita-107 Sakura, Kakuda-shi, Miyagi-ken 981-1522

  • 13:00~15:00

  • Free~500 Yen(For the cheese experience)