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Wild rice dishes

Miyagi prefecture's Yamamto restaurant "Hanazen" is the only place where you can eat wild rice, as well as chopped burdock root, tenpura as well as other dishes full of vegetables, with a sensation similar to that of a crunchy mushroom, the flavor is light making it perfect for any dish. They moved here to help with the revitalization of the town after the great eastern Japan earthquake.

Miyagi Prefecture ・Watari's local cuisine「Harakomeshi」

Miyagi Prefecture Watari's national wide popular "harakomeshi" can be made with 1 whole salmon, and here, you can taste its authenticity.

  • 〒Sakudayama-59-1 Yamadera, Yamamoto-chō, Watari-gun, Miyagi-ken 989-2201

  • 15 minutes walking from shinyamashita

  • 【Lunch Hours】1900/01/11 0:00:00~1900/01/15 0:00:00 【Dinner Hours】1900/01/17 0:00:00~1900/01/21 0:00:00

  • 1000 Yen