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Ogawara Folklore Documents Treasury

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Ogawara Folklore Documents Treasury

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Ogawara Folklore Documents Treasury

The Ogawara Folklore Items Treasure is collecting various items and things that our ancestors used to like their every day lives, it currently has over 20,000 different items. These items are things such as "clothes/foods/homes", "Production/living", "faith", "pleasures/games", "human development", "annual events", "wars and school", these are all sorted into their respective categories which can be viewed and studied freely.

  • 〒1-2 Higashi, Ōgawara-machi, Shibata-gun, Miyagi-ken 989-1247

  • 1km and 15 minutes from Ogawara station ,Tōhoku Expressway Shiroishi Interchange is is 12 minutes.

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