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Kichimi Noodles

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Kichimi Noodles

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Kichimi Noodles Viewing

You can see how the Kichimi institution creates their noodles. Seeing them stretch the noodles takes place from 11:30~ and requires reservation(Other times you are only able to see the machine doing it.)

The origin of noodles

400 years ago from current time, there was a person in south of shiroishi which was owned by datemasamune, by the name of Suzukiaji Uemon. When that father had an issue with his stomach and had to fast for many days, he suddenly found an institution that created noodles by hand without the use of oil, when they recommended these noodles to the father and made him eat them, his stomach seemed to heal. Katakuro Koujiro loved this heart-warming story and named the noodles "uumen", Uemon decided that he wanted this noodles to be famous and started increasing production. Right now they are being used nationwide.

  • 09:00~15:00

  • Viewing is 100 Yen Souvenirs typically cost around 1000 yen